Student Government Association at Labouré College

We are thrilled to announce the student leaders serving on the 2019-2020 Student Government Association (SGA) are:

Kayla Keany – President

Adam Occaso – Vice President

Emma Aneshansley – Treasurer

Dominique Buccieri – Secretary


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Please join us for the FALL 2019 General Body Meetings hosted by your Student Government E-Board!


Summer 2019 SGA General Body Meeting minutes:

June 27, 2019: Student Government Association June 27 Body Meeting.pdf     

July 25, 2019: SGA General Body Meeting Minutes Thurs. July 25. 2019.pdf

Sep 26, 2019: SGA General Body Meeting Minutes September 26. 2019.pdf

Positions In SGA

The Student Government Association (SGA) of Labouré College (LC), has been created in order to advance the quality of education, promote student interests, and serve as an informed advocate of student concerns through awareness of Labouré College student needs to the Senior Leadership and Board of Trustees of Labouré College. 


         Program Representative

  • Serve as representation for a particular academic program
  • Bring forward proposals, concerns and ideas on behalf of program constituency
  • Participate in SGA activity and decisions through in-person or on-line attendance


  • Serve as SGA leadership and preside at all SGA meetings
  • Represent the student body in all SGA activity
  • Promote the interest and scholarship of Laboure students
  • Advocate for and manage student interest in social, academic & professional activity to enhance student life
  • Endeavor to share and collaborate with Board of trustees and senior leadership on behalf of students

           Vice President

  • Supports the SGA President & serves as SGA leadership in absence of the president
  • Coordinate service and educational programming for SGA
  • Provide oversight for SGA membership and advocate for full institutional student representation


  • Manage and execute financial services for SGA
  • Maintain accurate records of all SGA funding and programs
  • Advise SGA Executive Board on budget and expenditures


  • Oversee records and minutes for all SGA meetings
  • Provide SGA publicity for all sponsored SGA programs and events
  • Document and maintain an active roster of SGA positions, titles and responsibilities   

Student Leadership

Statement of Diversity 

Labouré College acknowledges and appreciates the diversity of all students. The goal of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to have students vote for students who not only meet the qualifications for a position, but also bring a wide range of experiences and qualities, thereby reflecting the diversity of our student body. A student government Executive Board and Representatives that possess varied talents, characteristics and perspectives, will enrich not only the student leadership experience but the experience of the entire Labouré community. 

Expectations of a Student Leader

Successful student leaders serve their peers and the Labouré community with a commitment to respect and cultural responsiveness. They work closely with College staff advisers to foster positive campus relationships and manage campus programs.  Leadership roles give students an opportunity to develop personal and professional strengths and skills. Student leaders are role models on and off campus, are in good academic standing, and demonstrate a commitment to Labouré's mission.