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Health and Safety Compliance

New students must submit required health documentation within 30 days after registering for classes. 

Current students who are not complaint will have a Compliance Hold placed that will prevent registration.

Students entering their first clinical course must be in compliance with clinical requirements (TB skin test [PPD] and CPR) by the deadline stated in the Registration Newsletter for that semester.  Students cannot attend clinical unless they are fully compliant.

Health clearances must not be allowed to expire during a clinical rotation.  This requires students to plan ahead (e.g., PPD yearly; CPR every 2-years).

Stop by the Compliance Office to check on your compliance status.

Please submit documents directly to the Compliance Office C127.  Students may also fax or email securely to: 617-690-3730,

Call Vynelle White @ 617-322-3586 with questions regarding Health and Safety compliance.

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Financial Obligations
Labouré College reserves the right to withhold the following records and services from students, former students, and/or alumni whose financial obligations to Labouré College are due and/or unpaid:

1. Credits
2. Reenrollment eligibility
3. Educational services
4. Academic Transcripts
5. Diplomas
6. Verification and/or confirmation of enrollment
7. Verification and/or confirmation of attendance
8. Verification and/or confirmation of graduation
9. Certification of academic records

The list above is not exhaustive. Labouré College reserves the right to withhold copies of additional types of student records as a result of non-payment on behalf of students, former students, and/or alumni. Any outstanding financial obligations to Labouré College must be resolved with the Office of Student Accounts.

Request Official or Unofficial Transcripts.

Official Transcripts cost $15.00/each.

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