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COVID-19 Coronavirus Information Update

March 11, 2020 Update: Classes moving online

Labouré College is remaining open, with all classes moving to an online format beginning Thursday, March 12 through Thursday March 26 (this date will be reassessed by the task force on a regular basis). Campus and business operations will continue as usual. 

As a reminder, there are currently no reported cases of COVID-19 in the campus community.

Please click here for the full announcement.


COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

Labouré College is monitoring all appropriate health channels for developments in the COVID-19 coronavirus health concern. The College will continue to monitor and share any developments that impact the College community, and updates will be sent via email from, and posted to


Inclement Weather Information

Cancellation of Classes Announcements about class cancellations due to inclement weather will be broadcast by the following radio stations:

  • WBZ 1030 AM Channel 4 TV
  • WRKO 680 AM Channel 7 TV
  • WCVB Channel 5 TV

Cancellations will also be announced at 617-296-8300, extension 4.

Some departments will have limited access to email in the event that the College closes.

Required Browsers

As a reminder of information students found posted on the main page of Welcome to eLearning at Laboure, Chrome or FireFox are required for use with eLearning.  Do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge.  Do not use Apple Safari.

If you don't have one of the required browsers, download and install Chrome or FireFox by clicking one of the links below and following the directions.  It is free and easy.

Chrome or FireFox

Mobile Access to My Laboure

The recent update to My Laboure has introduced a different appearance to our mobile access.  The mobile display shows the contents of the current page, with a white arrow within a blue circle at the bottom of the display used to slide the menu right and left.  Quick links to courses, and links to pages within courses are all found this way.

Have a great fall semester.