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Cancellation of Classes Announcements about class cancellations due to inclement weather will be broadcast by the following radio stations:

  • WBZ 1030 AM Channel 4 TV
  • WRKO 680 AM Channel 7 TV
  • WCVB Channel 5 TV

Cancellations will also be announced at 617-296-8300, extension 4, and posted on the My.Laboure course site.

Some departments will have limited access to email in the event that the College closes.

The College's email is built on a Microsoft platform and can be accessed from anywhere.  There is a link to a Microsoft email portal under Quick Links on the left side of the page.  Student email addresses are made up of the  The first password is made of the students initials, six digits of her/his birthday, and an !.  So, Jane Doe, born February 15, 1986 would have first password of JD021586!.  She would be prompted to change her password upon first login.

If you forget your second password or otherwise have problems with your email, contact

As a reminder of information students received at orientation, and is posted on the main page of Welcome to eLearning atLaboure, Internet Explorer is unreliable for use with eLearning, so Chrome or FireFox are required.  

If you don't have one of the recommended browsers, download and install Chrome or FireFox by clicking one of the links below and following the directions.  It is free and easy.

Chrome or FireFox