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Here is the new schedule for the id processing for May 28th through June 7th:

        Thursday               May 28th            4:00 p.m.  -  8:30   p.m.

        Friday                    May 29th            5:00 p.m.  -   8:30  p.m.

        Saturday                May 30th            8;00 a.m.  - 12:00  p.m.

                                                              12: 30 p.m.-  5:00 p.m.

        Sunday                  May 31st             12:30 p.m.  - 5;00 p.m.

        Monday                  June 1st              4:00 p.m. -    8:30  p.m.

        Tuesday                 June 2nd             5:00 p.m. -   8:30 p.m.

        Thursday                June 4th               4:00 p.m. -   8:30 p.m.

        Friday                    June 5th          ​     5:00 p.m. -   8:30 p.m.

       Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th -  NO ID PROCESSING

Any questions, please contact Security at 617-322-3571.

All students registered for 9 credits or more in the Summer Session will be automatically enrolled in student insurance through Gallagher Student Insurance.  If you have another form of insurance, you MUST go to and complete a Waiver form.  Your user name is your Labouré e-mail; your password is your student ID with three zeros in front of it.  The deadline to complete this process is May 15, 2015.  If you have difficulty logging in, contact 888-382-6252.  If you completed the waiver process earlier in the academic year through the Gallagher website, you are waived through August 31, 2015.

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College Hours

One-Stop Student Service Center Hours:

Monday/Wednesday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday 9:00am - 7:00pm
Friday 11:30am - 5:00pm

One-Stop will also be opened on the following Saturdays from 9:00am - 2:00pm:
May 2, June 20, July 18 & August 15

The Center for Student Success and Teaching Excellence (CSSTE) Hours:

Monday/Wednesday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday 9:00am - 7:00pm
Friday 1pm - 5:00pm

CSSTE will also be opened on the following Saturdays from 9am-2pm:
May 2, June 20, July 18 & August 15

Admissions Hours:

Monday-Thursday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm 

Library Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8am until 9pm*
*Please note:  the library will be opened from 6am until 8am for printing and computer use.

Saturday: 9am until 5:30pm
Sunday: Noon until 5:30pm
During final exams, the library will be opened Monday though Friday until 10pm.

Below are links to demonstration videos for your first steps in MyLaboure.

How to Login and Change Your Password
Center for Student Success and Teaching Excellence
Student Learning Accommodations Handbook (.pdf, 743K)
Academic Affairs Forms
Algebra Review Packet (.pdf, 520K)
Independent Study Petition Form (.pdf, 22K)
Request for Additional Credit (.pdf, 405K)
2015-2017 Academic Calendar (.pdf, 219K)
Health and Safety Compliance

Submit your required health documentation as soon as possible after registering for classes.

The College will not admit any student to class who has not provided the Compliance Office with proof of all required immunizations.

Stop by the Compliance Office to check on your compliance status.

Please submit documents directly to the Compliance Office A102.  Students may also fax or email securely to: 617-690-3730,

ImmuniTrax is no longer in use.  (You do not need to re-submit materials you have already submitted to ImmuniTrax).

Call: LaShora or Mike @ 617-322-3586/3587 with questions regarding health and safety compliance.

Student Health Insurance Waive/Enroll Info (.pdf, 76K)
Student Health Insurance Plan Information 2014-2015 (.pdf, 1599K)
Student Health Insurance FAQs (.pdf, 2931K)
Compliance Overview (.pdf, 215K)
CPR requirement (.pdf, 252K)

Be sure you have the proper training certificate.

FORM - Immunization, Health, And Safety Requirements (.pdf, 564K)
FORM - Criminal Background Check (CORI) (.pdf, 699K)
FORM - NDT Criminal Background Check (CORI) (.pdf, 717K)

For Out of State Students

FORM - TB Symptom Review Form (.pdf, 381K)

Only required if you've had a positive PPD.

One-Stop Student Service Center Forms
Draw Down Request Form (.pdf, 343K)
Official Transcript Request Form (.pdf, 320K)
Change of Information Request Form (.pdf, 292K)
Enrollment Verification Request Form (.pdf, 325K)
FA Authorization form (.pdf, 445K)
FA Authorization - Parent Borrower (.pdf, 347K)
FERPA Authorization Form (.pdf, 242K)
Notification of Student Rights Under FERPA (.pdf, 211K)
Incomplete Grade Contract (.pdf, 405K)
Labouré College Notification of Withdrawal Form 7.24.14.pdf (.pdf, 362K)
2014-2015 Tuition & Fees Handout (.pdf, 439K)
2015 - 2016 Tuition & Fees Handout (.pdf, 433K)
Registration Information
Course Schedule Fall 2015 (.pdf, 921K)

Please note: All information in this schedule is subject to change.  The College reserves the right to cancel courses for insufficient enrollment, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Course Schedule Summer 2015 (.pdf, 1945K)

Summer registration period begins March 2, 2015.  Please refer to the Summer 2015 Registration Newsletter to determine when you are eligible to register for your courses.  It is important to register as soon as you can, as courses fill up quickly!

The summer semester is divided into three course offerings:

Summer All (indicated on schedule as SU 15***) runs May 18 to August 21

Session 1 (indicated on schedule as S1 15) runs May 16 to June 24

Session 2 (indicated on schedule as S2 15) runs July 4 to August 26

Fall 2015 Registration Newsletter (.pdf, 548K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.